Go Hero is working with a select group of talented artists, directors, writers, producers, animators, modelers and more to create new properties inspired by decades of sci-fi fantasy stories, art, monster movies, serials, pulps, comics, and video games.

Weaved into some of these exciting new stories, toy projects, games, and animation are some familiar faces. 

If you are interested in working with GoHero, contact info@gohero.com

Symbol TM

Tootums TM



Mechabot TM

Boogie Boy TM

Dark Future TM

Cryptid Kids TM

Turbo Hawk TM

Quarter Eater TM

Forgotten Future TM

Plutia the Space Girl TM

Revenge of the Moon TM

Hercules - Lost in Time TM

Sci-Fi Nursery Rhymes TM

Return of the Rocketmen TM

Puffer-Boy & Balloon Girl TM

The Last Voyage of Sinbad TM