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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - October 20, 2022 – GoHero, makers of award-winning collectables based on pop-culture icons announced today its partnership with Atomic Toybox Entertainment, producers of award-winning animation and live action entertainment brands, for the launch of Forgotten Future©, a new property and toy line.

The first peek into the Forgotten Future is a new line of limited-edition designer vinyl figures with articulation and accessories featuring “Zappy© – Mysterious Laser Boy of Space”. The Zappy vinyl figure stands 9” tall, comes with a removable jet pack, ray gun, and holster and comes in multiple color variations exclusive to retailers. The limited-edition Zappy collectible is available for pre-order now and distributed by Disburst to retail at designer toy stores everywhere. 

“We blended the action of Rocketmen, the horror of War of the Worlds, and the charm of E.T. with shocking results!” – Steve Forde, GoHero

Forgotten Future is an exciting adventure that explores the story of a boy cursed with cosmic secrets of a Martian invasion that threatens humanity and the lost heroes he must find in order to save the world once more. The Forgotten Future universe serves as a setting for multiple new stories and twists on old favorites. In addition to Forgotten future, Atomic Toybox and Go Hero are developing several exciting new properties to produce in-house and for third-party licensing.

“Transforming classic science fiction concepts into fresh and exciting stories for a new audience is both a thrilling and gratifying experience.”- Michael Polis, Atomic Toybox Entertainment

This light-hearted expression of space heroes and monsters is licensed and produced by long-time collaborator, Executive Replicas.

“I fell in love with the design, illustrations and animation. We are excited to finally be making it come to life in figural form!” – Winston Dunlop II, co-founder Executive Replicas.

GoHero and Executive Replicas have co-produced high-end collectibles, many of which were the first-ever figure of beloved pop-culture icons (The Shadow, Doc Savage, Lost in Space, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Vincent Price, Stan Lee).

Learn more about Zappy, the Forgotten Future, and more at


GoHero LLC, est. 2001, produces collectables of licensed science fiction and pop-culture icons and original properties with a specialty in reviving classic characters for a new audience. GoHero’s award-winning works have seen in print, film, TV, museums, specialty stores, and in private collections around the world. Notable first-ever figure projects include Buck Rogers, The Shadow, Doc Savage, Flash Gordon, Weekly World News, and Ray Harryhausen. In addition, GoHero provides strategic consulting and creative services for select brands. Founded by Steve Forde, GoHero is an independently owned and operated company in Philadelphia.



Atomic Toybox Entertainment, Inc. est. 2003, produces live action, animated, and interactive content for gaming, television, film, mobile, and consumer products, partnering with world-class distributors, broadcasters and producers. The company has ownership positions in established properties such as Captain Action® in addition to newly created properties with industry leaders in science fiction, fantasy and family genres. Headed by four-time Emmy nominated Michael Polis, Atomic Toybox is an independently owned and operated company and has offices in Los Angeles.



Executive Replicas, Inc., etc. 2006, produces consumer products based on comics, sci-fi, and horror brands. Notable projects include: Stan Lee, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Frank Frazetta, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Bettie Page, Vampirella and more.  Founded by brothers Winston & Martin Dunlop, Executive Replicas is owned and operated out of New York.




We are excited to finally announce our new partnership with at Atomic Toybox Entertainment and our return to SDCC, booth 3921.

GoHero and Atomic Toybox Entertainment have been working behind the scenes on amazing sci-fi projects with may just melt your mind! We will be offering some first-looks and sneak peeks later this month at Comic Con. Full press release for the event. You won’t want to miss it!


In additional to our partnership with Atomic Toybox Entertainment, GoHero is part of a new high-end collectibles initiative with Kaustic Plastik, Infinite Statue, and our distribution partners at Disburst. Exciting new projects and first-ever projects and properties are in development now and will be announced in the days and weeks to come. 




To kick-off this next phase of GoHero, we are offering Kaustic Plastik’s exclusive artist edition of the amazing Peter Sellers! This DOUBLE PACK exclusively made for SDCC it will be Available in ONLY 100 PCS, 100% Assembled by renowned painter Artist Dario Barbera in ITALY, hand-numbered and signed, with the exclusive Baguette Parisian hand-painted by Dario!

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About Atomic Toybox:

Atomic Toybox Entertainment, Inc. produces creative and interactive content for gaming, television, mobile, and consumer products, partnering with world-class distributors, broadcasters and producers. Formed in 2003, the company has focused on creating content with today’s emerging audiences in mind, crafted specifically so that they can be leveraged into multiple touch-points-to spark imagination wherever viewers go. Headed by four-time Emmy nominated Michael Polis, Atomic Toybox is an independently owned and operated company and has offices in Los Angeles.


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