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Throughout time, beneath the surface of the ocean, and in the depths of the earth, there have lurked ancient creatures.


Now, the Sons of the Leviathans have returned to wipe away mankind. The only way to stop them is a walking battleship known as Mechabot!


But who will wield this great robotic suit of armor? The world needs a battle hardened warrior like Odysseus, St. George, or Captain Nemo!


But instead of a hero, the Mechabot is linked to a nerdy boy named Zing. It's time for all those video games to finally pay off!

Mechabot is inspired by the giant robots and monsters, known as kaiju, found in Japanese pop culture. Mechabot debuted in 2003 as a retro mini-cartoon, interactive games and in 2004 as an award-winning designer vinyl toy series. 

The Mechabot universe has been featured in numerous books and magazines on art toys and pop-culture. as well as makes appearance in commercials, music video, and a feature film. The Mechabot universe includes Mechabot, Zing, Tentikill, Yira, King Klaw, Mushibloto, Watatsumi, Orgobot and more!

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